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Refund Policy

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  • We take payments from our customers only after getting the written approval or work order or purchase order. We give enough time for our customers to think on the payment terms. Once we start the Job or Once the payment received, we cannot refund at any point of time.
  •  If by mistake anyone has paid / did fund transfer to our bank account, 100% fund will be refunded within 3 working days.
  •  In case the Design (service) is not liked after the delivery, we cannot refund any percentage as we start all our projects only after getting the proper documentation and step by step approval from the client. but we can revise our work based on customers’ feedback to improvise the work.
  •  If Work Delay situation arises from our end, the factors like Emails trial and quickness of reply from customers are all evaluated before we process any percentage of refund, but there is no guarantee of refund for this.
  • Hosting Error case, there is no refund as it has so many other technical factors which is out of our hand. We will work on the issue to fix it at the earliest.
  • We have all the rights to change all the above mentioned policies at any time without informing anyone.
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